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MBBS in Russia from Top Medical Universities

Russia has been popular destination for International students for pursuing MBBS right from Soviet Era. Russia boasts about occupying almost 30 positions amongst top 100 ranking Medical Universities according to the World Health Organization (WHO)'s "Directory of World Medical Schools". Pass-outs from Russian Medical Universities are presently working in the leading Hospitals across the globe. MBBS in Russia is a preferred choice for International students because of highly subsidized fee by Russian Ministry of Health & Education as compared to other western countries. High Quality of Education combined with this low cost is one of the main reasons for choosing top medical universities of Russia for MBBS. There are almost 57 medical universities in Russia. The student to teacher ratio is 7:1 in all Russian Medical Universities. About 12 of these universities provide MBBS in English Medium.

In the past decade there has been a tenfold increase in number of international students travelling for MBBS in Russia. All universities are recognized by WHO & Medical Council of leading countries like U.S.A, U.K, middle east, Australia, India, Canada etc.Duration of MBBS in Russia in English Medium is 6years. Students can also opt for MBBS in Russian Medium. Duration of which is 7 years which includes 1 year as Russian Language Training (Preparatory Faculty)

About Russia

Russia is a country and it is situated in Asia and Eastern Europe. Russia is the largest country of the world by land area and it is also known as Russia Federation. Moscow is the capital of Russia and Russian Federation is the official name of Russia. Moscow, the capital of the Russia, is the largest city is the world. Population of Russia is about 146.6 million. Russian government is based on a democratic form of rule. The Russian Federation shares land border with Finland, Lithuania and Poland (both with Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Norway Estonia, Mongolia, and North Korea.

Why MBBS Study in Russia

Medical Study in Russia is very easy for a normal student because any student from all over the globe can take direct MBBS Admission without any entrance exam. MBBS fee in Russia is very low because the Russian Government provides subsidy for education. Average MBBS fee in Russia is between 2.5 Lacs to 5 Lacs per year. All Russian Medical Universities are listed in WHO and MCI so a student who gets an MBBS degree from Russia can practice anywhere in the world including India. Students from all over the globe go to Russia for MBBS Study and all medical universities provide quality medical education and practical knowledge. Students get fully furnished hostel facility inside the university campus with fresh and quality food. MBBS Students can get scholarship also if they fulfill the scholarship criteria. All MBBS students in Russia get Medical Insurance for all courses and get full medical treatment when they need. Students get training for MCI screening test during the medical course and professors are well aware about the MCI screening test. Medical courses are taught in English and Russian languages, MBBS students also get training to learn Russian Language because by learning Russian language a student can communicate with patients in the hospital during the time of medical practice.

Benefits Of MBBS In Russia For Indian Students 2020

  • No Entrance exam & No Donation.
  • Easy Admission Procedure
  • Low & Subsidized course fees.
  • Worldwide Recognition of the Degrees provided by Medical Universities of Russia.
  • European Standard of Living
  • Indian Canteen is Available in most of the Universities.
  • Excellent Result in MCI Screening Test (Only Imperial Overseas Studies provides MCI Coaching in Russian Medical Universities)
  • Reference Available of Students working in Leading Hospitals Across the World (our pass outs are working not only in India but in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and other major countries across the globe)
  • 100% Visa Guarantee
  • All the universities are Government Universities of Russia

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In Russia

  • The student shall complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of admission.
  • The candidate must secure 50% marks in their 12th standard from Science stream (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) in CBSE / ISC or any other Equivalent Board of Examination.
  • As per the latest notification by MCI (Medical Council of India- Board of Governors), Indian medical aspirants who plan to enrol in Foreign Medical Universities need to qualify NEET.

Requirements For MBBS Admission In Russia 2020-2021

  • 10th and 12th class mark sheets
  • 2 Photos
  • Strong will to become a doctor

MBBS In Russia Fees 2020-2021

Russia has a good reputation in the field of Medical Education and Russian Medical Universities make it possible by providing quality medical education. MBBS fee in Russia is very low comparing to Indian Medical Universities and private colleges. Any student from India can take direct MBBS Admission in top Medical Universities of Russia. All Russia Medical Universities are recognized from WHO and MCI. Here is the MBBS fee structure of top Medical Universities of Russia

MCI Coaching in Russia!

All the top government medical universities of Russia offer MCI Coaching along with the MBBS course starting from the 1st year of the medical program. Experienced and renowned medical faculties provide in-depth guidance related to the MCI exam.

MCI Screening Test or FMGE is a licensing examination conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE) in India. This examination is mandatory for all Foreign Medical Graduates if they want to practice their medical career in India.

Recently, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have passed the NMC (National Medical Commission) Bill, according to which NMC will replace MCI and will be in charge of medical education in the country.

The Bill will be responsible for assessing and approving medical colleges, conducting common MBBS entrance and exit examinations and will regulate course fees. As per the Bill, there will be a common final year MBBS exam which will be known as the National Exit Test (NEXT). This exam will act as the entrance exam for all Indian medical students who are planning to seek admission in postgraduate medical courses and will also provide the license to practice their medical career in India. For foreign medical graduates, this exam will be considered as the screening test to obtain a license to practice their medical career in India. The primary objective of the NMC Bill is to ensure the utmost standard of integrity in the field of medical education in the country.

USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Coaching in Russia!

You will be happy to know that all top government medical universities in Russia also offer USMLE coaching which will allow all the medical students who are pursuing their medical education in Russia to practice medicine in the USA.

This examination is an in-depth assessment of medical graduates how well they can apply their skills, values, and attitudes in real-life practices during patient-centered scenarios. This examination will provide the license to all medical graduates as to how will they operate on the job, both on and off the table.

USMLE has been divided into 3 steps-

Step 1- This is a one-day test, which the majority of students prefer to take at the end of the second year of their MBBS course. This test majorly focuses on the knowledge of basic sciences, which includes anatomy, biochemistry, behavioral sciences, pathology, pharmacology, immunology, physiology, and microbiology. All questions are multiple choices.

Step 2- It is a two day test, generally taken by the medical students in the fourth year of their medical program. This exam is further divided into 2 stages known as- CK (Clinical Knowledge) and CS (Clinical Skills).

CK exam has multiple choice questions on clinical sciences such as surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology and internal medicine.

CS exam needs the medical students to examine and diagnose the patients.

For Step 2 CS medical students need to travel to one of the five testing centers across the country.

Step 3-

 It is also a two-day test, which medical students usually prefer to take after the completion of the first-year residency.

Day 1 Test of Step 3 is called the Foundation of Independent Practice (FIP) which is an MCQ format test.

Day 2 Test is called Advanced Clinical Medicine (ACM) in which students have to attempt about 180 MCQs and 13 computer-based case simulations.

This step is the final exam, which concludes that whether a medical graduate is prepared to practice general medicine in an unsupervised setting or not.

Important Advice-

When a student plans for studying MBBS in Russia, one of the major concerns that the majority of parents and students experience is the cost of living while studying MBBS in Russia. As your degree is our responsibility, we are here to guide you and make you aware of the cost and other relevant expenses in detail for helping you to plan your academic career with much ease.

In this section, we will be explaining the cost of living while pursuing MBBS in Russia in two different sections->Financial Advice for Students

Financial Advice for Parents

Details for the same are mentioned below:

  • Some Important Financial advice for Parents

Parents should be well aware of the University fees, hostel charges, food charges, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The University fee for Top Government Russian Medical Universities is very affordable as the medical education in Russia is majorly subsidized by the Russian Government by 70% percent which makes the fees of the Top Russian Government Medical Universities lower than other medical universities of the countries.

On average, the cost of studying MBBS in Russia is approximately about 4000 USD per year; which is very affordable in comparison to pursuing MBBS from Indian private medical college.

Therefore, parents do not have to worry much about the tuition fee.

  • Some Important Financial advice for Students

If we talk about the living expenses while studying MBBS in Russia, on an average the living expense generally costs a sum of 100 USD Dollars (approx. 6500 INR) per month. This amount is usually enough for a student to pay for food and other expenses.

Though the cost of living may vary as it highly depends on the lifestyle of an individual student.

Important Tips before packing your bags for your dream destination- RUSSIA!

One of the most important things to keep in mind while packing for your international studies is to remember that the new country is going to be your constant surrounding for the next few years, at least till you complete your course. Thus, reading up on the country, its lifestyle and culture are always advisable so that you are prepared beforehand and know what to expect when you actually land there.

Now coming to your packing schedule before your final departure, it is recommended to start well in time so that you have ample opportunities at hand to plan and organize for any missing items that you may require.’ While traveling abroad, students are allowed a luggage capacity of 46kg(23X2 kgs) check-in baggage plus 10kg of cabin luggage. This makes it easier for them to plan their first trip to the destination country with all the requirements at hand.

For easy handling of crucial items, it is advised that students carry a dedicated folder with the following documents –

  • Original Passport with visa
  • Original documents of qualification including certificates of Class 11th and 12th PLUS their apostilled copies
  • Additional 3-4 photocopies of all qualification documents for safekeeping
  • 30-40 colored passport size photographs
  • Medical report with HIV report
  • Other medical certificates – authorized by concerned personnel
  • Admission letter from the University
  • Currency converted into the locally accepted currency – Ruble or Dollars

Apart from these, it is highly recommended that the students carry their stock of personal items for dental care, personal hygiene, and grooming and first-aid kit including general medications for fever, pain, and seasonal allergies.

Traveling to a new country, especially to study is always an exciting experience. However, to make it a successful trip, it is essential that one travels keeping in mind all important aspects of settling down well in the new country. Thus, if you keep the above-mentioned points in mind, it will get easier for you to arrange your travel bags accordingly, without wasting any time.

Please click here to check the latest fee structure of various MCI-WHO approved Govt. Medical Universities of Russia


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