Medical PG in Berufserlaubnis

What is Berufserlaubnis?

Berufserlaubnis is a temporary license to practice a doctor in Germany. After passing the Medical German language, the doctor can start work as an assistant doctor in Germany for temporary base up to 2 years. Because Berufserlaubnis can be extended up to two years only and between this time doctors need to pass Kenntnisprüfung exam to get permanent license call Approbation.

During Berufserlaubnis doctors will get salary and other benefits but this period of duration will not count in specialization study.

What is the requirement to get Berufserlaubnis in Germany?

To get Berufserlaubnis in Germany has a different process as per German states.  It is depended on the shortage of medical doctors in a particular state.  Nowadays, most of the state require job offer letter to apply for Berufserlaubnis in that particular German state. Some state allows the doctor to apply for Berufserlaubnis after B2 level of German language due to a shortage of doctor but most of the state require FSP exam.

So, if you want to get Berufserlaubnis then most preferable is to contact German state authorities (Landesärztekammer) and ask them current requirements and also visit their website.


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