Medical PG in Defizitbescheid

What is Defizitbescheid?

Nowadays, Doctors who are going to Germany to study medical Specialization and apply for visa application in the German embassy at that time Defizitbescheid certificate will be asked by the German embassy.

When foreign doctors apply for a permanent license and start Approbation license process, need to submit all required documents to Landesärztekammer. After submission of all require documents,  Landesärztekammer will check foreign doctor medical curriculum and compare it with German medical study and if found it different then foreign doctor need to give Kenntnisprüfung exam and if there will not any different then the doctor will direct receive Approbation license.

Document or Certificate which explains this different of education curriculum called Defizitbescheid.

It is obligatory to submit a Defizitbescheid in support with your application for a §17a National Visa for Germany nation.

How to Get Defizitbescheid?

Defizitbescheid is one of the important requirement for a foreign doctor who wants to enter into Germany and want to practice as a doctor.

Before apply for Defizitbescheid certificate doctor need to select particular German state where she/he wants to give Fachsprachenprüfung exam after reach to Germany. Once, the state will be decided after that doctor needs to check all requirements for the application of Defizitbescheid at Landesärztekammer website of the respective state. Landesärztekammer need all require documents translated into German language and notarized by the German embassy or German notar.

Most of state’s Landesärztekammer will ask a minimum level of the German language to accept an application for Defizitbescheid. It can be B1 or B2 level of the German language. So in this case doctor needs to learn the minimum level of the German language and after that, they can start Defizitbescheid process.

So, this will be difficult for doctors who want to study the German language in Germany. Because to get the visa we need Defizitbescheid certificate and to get Defizitbescheid certificate we need German language levels. So, in this case, we can help you to get Defizitbescheid without any knowledge of German language and you can study your full German course in Germany.

Defizitbescheid certificate can take 3 to 6 months after submission of your application and when you submit your application you will receive Eingangsbestätigung. Eingangsbestätigung is acknowledging of application for Defizitbescheid. So do not confuse with these two documents.

For more details of Defizitbescheid application you can contact us, we will guide you with all process and even we will help you with document translation and notarization process.


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